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Speed to Mastery®: Learn It Well

Learning facts faster isn't what you want. You want to forge facts into skills sets. It's skills mastery that takes individuals and organizations to the next level.

What is Speed to Mastery®?

Speed to Mastery® is a web-based application that complements Forum's instructor-led programs by enabling people to apply new skills to real work - faster.

Speed to Mastery's® innovative design uses gaming mechanics like scoring, badges, and recognition to support people as they turn learning into behavior change through intentional, targeted efforts and deliberate practice. Frequent interactions with colleagues, exposure to new challenges, focused goal setting, and opportunities for practice and knowledge sharing all ensure that participants experience continual progress.


Speed to Mastery® Kit

  • Fact Sheet: Speed to Mastery® fact sheet
  • White Paper: Change the Behavior, Change the Business
  • Infographic: Sustain Behavior Change
  • Interview: Leading Change with Speed to Mastery®

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