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Strategic Speed

From big change initiatives to everyday work projects, Strategic Speed will help you move past paying lip service to faster execution—and arm your people with the tools to make it really happen.

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"Where urgency meets execution."

Walt Macnee, President, International Markets, MasterCard International

An exclusive focus on pace and process often leads to only superficial speed: lots of activity, but little forward motion. To achieve “strategic speed”—implementing strategies both quickly and well—leaders need to make people the key ingredient in their success formula.

Strategic Speed provides real-world examples—from companies as diverse as Tata Sky, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ameriprise, and Fender Guitars—showing these practices in action. And it’s packed with tools and assessments for diagnosing where your execution efforts are in trouble and choosing specific actions for accelerating results in your firm.

About the Authors

Jocelyn R. Davis

Jocelyn Davis, Executive Vice President, Research and Development, has consulted to companies in a range of industries, including firms such as GE, Eli Lilly, Unilever, and Microsoft. With a background in research and instructional design, she is often called upon to design organization-wide change programs and learning systems that get thousands of leaders and employees to embrace new strategies, learn new skills, and adopt new behaviors—so that strategy execution is accelerated.

Jocelyn has conceived and written numerous research studies and training courses, doubling the size of Forum’s content library over the past 7 years. Her articles have been published in Harvard Business Review, Emerald Insights, Chief Learning Officer, and many training industry journals. In addition to Strategic Speed, she is co-author of Forum’s Principles of Learning: A Guidebook for Advancing Performance in Today’s Workplace.

A dynamic and engaging speaker, she is frequently invited to deliver keynotes and workshops at industry conferences and company meetings on the topics of strategy execution, workplace learning, and leadership development.

Jocelyn lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband and daughter.

Henry M Frechette Jr.

Henry M Frechette Jr. has provided organizational learning consulting and research services to companies that strive to improve performance through people. While at Forum, Henry ran the client research groups and was instrumental pioneering Forum's organizational climate interventions and feedback-based leadership development initiatives.

Edwin H. Boswell

Edwin H. Boswell has been advising senior executive teams involved in major organizational transformation initiatives for more than 25 years. In addition to his 21 years with Forum, Ed led sales and service teams for IBM and served as an organizational consultant for Human Systems. Mr. Boswell is a recognized leader in the field of performance improvement and is a frequent speaker on issues relating to leadership and organizational performance.



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Tools and Programs to Increase Strategic Speed

How can companies take action to ensure they execute their business strategies swiftly and successfully? Forum offers three sets of capabilities, all based on the groundbreaking research reported in our book Strategic Speed. These options provide organizations with fast and flexible tools for boosting speed based on their unique needs. Each option may be undertaken separately or in combination with others.

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Strategic Speed Quickstart Process

The Strategic Speed Quickstart Process will help senior teams realize what is slowing down execution—either throughout their organization or within a specific strategy, initiative, process, or business unit—with a particular focus on the people issues slowing down execution. Strategic Speed Quickstart also helps align leaders behind a clear plan for increasing strategic speed —either throughout their organization or within the selected area and incrementally improve their personal ability to mobilize people and accelerate execution.

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Strategic Speed Matrix

What’s your top priority for action? You can’t focus everywhere, so it’s important to start with just a few actions that will give speed a boost in your organization. See how the three people factors and the four key leadership practices can intersect to help you take appropriate actions today.

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Are You Up to Speed?

Our research shows that faster companies and teams tend to exhibit the following ten characteristics:

  • Leaders are closely aligned and committed to the success of initiatives.
  • Team members are flexible about switching responsibilities to make things easier for one another.
  • Team members are usually comfortable talking about problems and disagreements.
  • Despite the workload, people on initiative teams find time to review how the work is going.
  • Teams capture and communicate lessons learned from initiatives.
  • The company bases its success on the ability to explore new technologies.
  • The company creates products and services that are innovative.
  • Management systems work coherently to support overall objectives.
  • When making important decisions that affect the company's future, senior leaders usually put forward creative and innovative ideas.
  • Even experienced employees in the company receive training when new initiatives are launched.

Reviews and Comments

"The magic is in the execution. Strategic Speed provides relevant business cases and practical suggestions to create that magic and deliver real outcomes."
– Catriona Noble, Managing Director, McDonald's Australia

"In Strategic Speed, we finally get the implementation model that needs to go with the strategy."
– Len Schlesinger, President, Babson College

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