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  • Developing leadership for change

    Oct 2015 — Project Manager

    As economies become more connected and interdependent, major shake-ups such as the ongoing economic slowdown in China and the crisis in Greece can cause ripples across industries anywhere in the world. Cynthia Stuckey looks at how to prepare for the change.

  • What sales leaders learn from Singapore’s 2015 General Election

    Sep 2015 — Singapore Business Review

    ·         Tips for sales leaders drawn from Singapore’s 2015 General Election, by Forum’s Cynthia Stuckey.

  • Managers not taking ownership? 30% say coaching may close the gap

    Sep 2015 — Human Resources (Singapore)

    Accountability and ownership gaps at different leadership levels—check out the new article on Human Resources highlighting Forum research and infographic.

  • The L&D profile – Gatwick Airport

    Sep 2015 — Inspire

    Val Round shares how Gatwick drives growth through leadership development.

  • Despite market uncertainties, Hong Kong employers continue to invest in training and development, says HKIHRM

    Sep 2015 — South China Morning Post - CP Jobs

    Investment in training in Hong Kong reaches 10 year high per—read more on this and other trends revealed by HKIHRM, Forum and others at the recent Training Needs Seminar.

  • People, process, projects and the dynamics of change

    Aug 2015 — Project Manager (Australia)

    Change and uncertainty is the new norm and to ensure Australian business leaders are not only coping but thriving in this new environment they need to focus on both people and process to drive pace, says Forum's Cynthia Stuckey.

  • People not on board? Getting buy-in for your learning initiatives

    Aug 2015 — Training Zone

    Russ Becker shares his tips on how to get buy-in for your learning initiatives.

  • The art to great storytelling

    Aug 2015 — Sales Initiative

    Stories can be a very powerful tool in business. Russ Becker explains why and how to be a good storyteller.

  • MOM targets “stronger Singaporean core” through support for SMEs

    Aug 2015 — Human Resources (Singapore)

    Advice for Singapore-based companies looking to grow local talent in from Forum's Cynthia Stuckey and other business leaders in this Human Resources article.

  • Interdependence of people-focused initiatives and business strategy recognised at 2015 Australian HR Awards

    Aug 2015 — HR Daily Community

    A common theme at the 2015 Australian HR Awards: aligning people and business strategies to drive higher levels of business impact. Forum's Cynthia Stuckey explores this in an article for HR Daily Community.

  • 3 Success Factors for Leading Change in Information Technology

    Aug 2015 — Training Magazine

    Tom Rose discusses a virtual training program that leverages strong learning design, action learning, CIO participation, and peer and formal coaching can help address some of the challenges particular to IT leaders.

  • Future Proofing the Next Generation of Singapore Talent

    Aug 2015 — HR in Asia

    What will it take to develop the leaders and workforce Singapore needs for success in SG100? Find out in this article by Forum’s Asia Pacific managing director, Cynthia Stuckey, on HR in Asia.

  • Female board representation, the only way is up

    Aug 2015 — Human Resources (Singapore)

    While women in Singapore are able to equally enjoy the benefits of many of the country’s achievements, they continue to lag in their representation in the boardroom. Cynthia Stuckey, Asia Pacific managing director of The Forum Corporation, links up the challenges with possible solutions for a stronger SG100.

  • In the Dressing Room

    Jul 2015 — The Manager

    David Robertson explores how to win the hearts and minds of your team by being an exceptional manager.

  • 4 Ways to improve sales coaching

    Jun 2015 — Sales Initiative

    To be a great coach however, you need to be proactive and strategic in your approach, supported by a strong coaching culture, says Graham Scrivener, Managing Director of Forum EMEA.

  • Bringing the team up to scratch – how to encourage staff efficiency

    Jun 2015 — The Guardian

    David Robertson, Executive Consultant at Forum shares his insights on how to encourage staff efficiency the small business environment. 

  • What if you’re missing your targets?

    Jun 2015 — Jobsite

    Graham Scrivener, Managing Director of Forum EMEA shares practical tips around how to reverse a sales slump and get back on track to reach your sales targets.

  • Cultural challenges for female expats

    Jun 2015 — Management Issues

    Cynthia Stuckey shares her tips on how to deal with cultural challenges when working abroad.

  • 5 tough questions your boss will ask – and how to answer them

    May 2015 — Career Builder

    Graham Scrivener looks at uncomfortable questions your boss is likely to ask and how to best answer them. 

  • How to Perform a Skills Audit

    Apr 2015 — Human Resources (Singapore)

    Initiatives like the local SkillsFuture programme will help staff to gain new skills, but it is only by combining them with skill audits that staff potential can be leveraged fully. Cynthia Stuckey, Asia Pacific managing director of The Forum Corporation lists ways to perform an effective skills audit.

  • The Business Leader's Guide to Nurturing Accountability

    Apr 2015 — Human Resources

    This article addresses how high-performing leaders foster a culture of accountability in the workplace and originally appeared in Human Resources Magazine (April 2015 issue) published by the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management.


  • Lessons on leadership: the vital role leaders play in bouncing back

    Apr 2015 — HR Daily Community

    Forum's Cynthia Stuckey shares a great example of how aligned, positive and trusted leadership can pick a broken team up and reignite its fighting spirit--the Australian cricket team.

  • Nurture your female talent into pole position

    Apr 2015 — Training Zone

    Cynthia Stuckey looks at female leaders and their ability to establish a strong position in the boardroom.

  • Building a Well-Balanced Team

    Apr 2015 — The Straits Times

    Leaders must learn how to build and develop a well-balanced team in order to drive growth and success. This article, by Forum's Asia Pacific Managing Director, Cynthia Stuckey, provides advice on getting the most from both new talent and tenured team members.

  • Addressing accountability skill gaps in Singapore

    Mar 2015 — Singapore Business Review

    Read this article as Cynthia Stuckey, Forum APAC MD, addresses the accountability skill gaps in Singapore.

  • Opinion: Old goat Singapore - three ways business can lead the flock in the year of ‘Yang’

    Mar 2015 — HRD Singapore

    Read this article as Cynthia Stuckey, MD of Forum APAC, outlines how Singapore, as an established economy fighting to remain relevant against a number of competitive newcomers in the region, can get ahead by working on engagement and bolstering the role of middle managers.

  • How (and why) to train managers as internal coaches

    Mar 2015 — Edge

    Enjoy Graham Scrivener's views on why companies that coach their staff perform better than those who don't.

  • Being Accountable Counts

    Mar 2015 — The Straits Times

    Cynthia Stuckey, Forum Asia Pacific managing director, shares how leaders can set an example for their staff by taking responsibility for their actions.

  • Four steps to energising and retaining talent

    Feb 2015 — Training Zone

    Graham Scrivener provides his top tips to increase your team's retention rates and energy levels.

  • Three Steps to Accountability and Performance

    Feb 2015 — HC Online

    Cynthia Stuckey, Forum Asia Pacific Managing Director, talks about how companies focus their efforts on driving accountability as a path to increased performance and ensure they are getting the best out of their employees.

  • Accountability and the little things that count

    Feb 2015 — hrm asia

    Cynthia Stuckey, Forum Asia Pacific Managing Director, emphasises that accountability begins at the leadership level, citing a unique example in the form of AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes.

  • Career Counsel: People need to feel they are progressing or they will quit

    Feb 2015 — The Financial Times

    David Robertson, Executive Consultant at Forum looks at how to retain people and ensure there is always a flow of talent in the business.  

  • The art of being a better boss

    Jan 2015 — SME Magazine

    70 percent of the team climate is influenced by the manager, says Graham Scrivener, MD of Forum EMEA.

  • Retaining staff is all about boss behaviour

    Jan 2015 — HR Review

    Over a third of us will look to move jobs this year according to findings by The Institute of Leadership and Management. Graham Scrivener, MD of Forum EMEA explores why.

  • Why being accountable matters

    Jan 2015 — Training Zone

    Graham Scrivener, Managing Director of Forum EMEA shares why accountability is key for successful leaders.

  • Coaches’ corner

    Jan 2015 — HRM Asia

    A quarter of managers are still not coaching their teams, despite acknowledging that coaching is the single most important tool for driving performance. According to a global survey by conducted by Forum Corp, “Measuring Sales Management’s Coaching Impact”, the main obstacles to effective coaching today are: managers who are too busy to coach, don’t know how, or aren’t held accountable for it. 
  • The buck stops with you

    Jan 2015 — Management Issues

    Graham Scrivener, Managing Director of Forum EMEA says that taking responsibility is key to becoming a leader.

  • Accountability and engagement: Enabling productivity that matters

    Dec 2014 — The Edge Singapore

    In today’s fast-paced marketplace, there is intense pressure for business to innovate, keep ahead of competitors and increase productivity. In this article, Forum Asia Pacific managing director, Cynthia Stuckey, highlights the roles of accountability and enagement in driving productivity in Singapore and globally.

  • Get Better Results: Pack a punch with sales coaching

    Dec 2014 — Singapore Straits Times (STJobs)

    Are you wondering why your company’s sales performance is not at the level you expected? Are you thinking about what prohibits your company from being one of the highest performing firms in the market? Lack of quality sales coaching might be the answer according to this article by Cynthia Stuckey, managing director Asia Pacific, The Forum Corporation.
  • Five steps to rolling out global change


    Graham Scrivener, MD of Forum EMEA has some tips on how to successfully lead your team through change.

  • Managing others is a balancing act: be supportive, listen and coach your team

    Dec 2014 — The Guardian

    Graham Scrivener explores how to build trust through being a good manager.

  • Attracting and retaining female talent: providing a non-frozen environment

    Nov 2014 — Singapore Business Review

    Cynthia Stuckey, Forum managing director Asia Pacific, provides good advice to ASEAN companies looking to attract and retain female talent in this Singapore Business Review article.

  • Making gamification meaningful in learning


    Ana Bedard talk about the importance of gamification on learning.

  • How to engage different generations


    Graham Scrivener, Managing Director of Forum EMEA, has some advice if you are looking at how to get engagement across various generations.

  • Women in the Workplace: Egg Freezing and Alternative Benefits

    Oct 2014 — Channel NewsAsia television interview

    Cynthia Stuckey, Forum Managing Director, Asia Pacific, was interviewed as an expert on attracting, retaining and developing women in the workplace on First Look on Channel NewsAsia. The discussion revolved around the new benefits tech companies are offering, such as covering the costs to freeze eggs.


  • How to get your coaching culture correct

    Oct 2014 — TrainingZone

    Our recent research demonstrates that coaching is rated as having the greatest impact on sales performance, says Forum EMEA MD, Graham Scrivener.


  • Lack of coaching is affecting sales performance

    Sep 2014 — HRM Asia

    In partnership with The Sales Management Associations, we have done a global study on Sales Coaching and it is revealed that a quarter of managers are still not coaching their sales teams despite admitting that it is important.


  • Reward to retain: How to keep banking & finance go-getters from jumping ship

    Sep 2014 — Asian Banking & Finance

    Cynthia Stuckey, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Forum, shares how managers in ASEAN's cut-throat finance sectors can engage their staff to ensure they don't lose motivation, switch off, and reinvest their expertise with a competitor.


  • Global Survey Reveals: Managers still not Coaching affecting Sales Performance…

    Sep 2014 — The Business Information Portal

    According to our latest survey, quarter of managers are still not coaching their sales people, says Graham Scrivener.

  • Get Ready for the Unexpected

    Sep 2014 — Management Issues

    In this article, Forum EMEA MD Graham Scrivener talks about managing change.


  • Team coaching is neglected by a quarter of sales managers

    Sep 2014 — HR REVIEW

    Global survey reveals that managers are too busy to coach, says Graham Scrivener.

  • Survey Highlights Obstacles to Effective Sales Coaching

    Sep 2014 — Consultant News

    In partnership with The Sales Management Associations, we have done a global survey study on Sales Coaching and have released the report titled: Measuring Sales Management's Coaching Impact.


  • Managers Failing to Coach Sales Staff Effectively, Finds Study

    Sep 2014 — Professional Manager

    In partnership with The Sales Management Associations, we have done a global study on Sales Coaching and have released the report titled: Measuring Sales Management's Coaching Impact.


  • Horrible Bosses: How not to be a Terrible Manager

    Aug 2014 — The Guardian

    Graham Scrivener shares his tips on how not to be a horrible boss.

  • How to be a master of your own destiny

    Jul 2014 — Institute of Leadership & Management

    David Robertson, VP of Forum EMEA talks about how to manage without managers.

  • How to get New Starters through Probation

    Jul 2014 — HR Magazine

    In this article, Forum EMEA MD Graham Scrivener discusses the way HR can work with managers to transform new staff from being under-performers to over-achievers.

  • How to Pass Your Probation Period at Work

    Jul 2014 — The Guardian

    David Robertson talks about the importance of regular conversations with your boss during probation period.


  • How To Deal When Employees Are Scattered Across The World

    May 2014 — Fast Company

    Andrew Shapiro shares his advice on managing a global team.

  • Productivity, Leadership Challenges, Developing Women Leaders and more

    May 2014 — 938Live--Radio Interview with Cynthia Stuckey on WOW in Singapore

    Cynthia Stuckey, Asia Pacific Managing Director of The Forum Corporation, joined Michelle Martin for a lively discussion spanning a range of issues affecting business in Singapore, productivity challenges, employee engagement factors, the development of women leaders, Cynthia's own leadership journey and more.


  • 6 Tips to Change the Workplace Climate

    May 2014 — Training Magazine

    Forum President and CEO, Andrew Graham, shares six ways that managers can create a positive and collaborative work environment during a change initiative.

  • The Power of Trust in Leadership

    Mar 2014 — Human Resources (Hong Kong)

    Forum Asia Pacific MD Cynthia Stuckey discusses Trust in Leadership. This article originally appeared in Human Resources Magazine, March 2014 issue, published by the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management.

  • Graham Scrivener: Engaging a team shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits’ all approach

    Mar 2014 — HR Review

    Forum EMEA MD Graham Scrivener discusses the approach to Employee Engagement in this article.

  • The Forum Corp. Named a Top Sales Training Company

    Mar 2014 — Training Journal

    For the fourth year in a row, Forum was named a Top 20 Sales Training Company by 

  • Golden rules from gold medalists

    Feb 2014 — Management Issues

    On the eve of the Winter Olympics, Graham Scrivener Forum EMEA MD considers what lessons can leaders learn from Olympians? 

  • Building a case for L&D: Win over management through measurable results

    Feb 2014 — Training & Development (Australia)

    In this article, Forum Asia Pacific MD Cynthia Stuckey discusses the ways for L&D to win over management through measurable results. This article originally appeared in Training & Development magazine February 2014 Vol 41 No 1, published by the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

  • Making Learning Stick Changing Behaviour to Change the Business

    Dec 2013 — The Straits Times

    Forum Asia Pacific MD Cynthia Stuckey discusses Behaviour Change in this article.

  • Seven ways to build trust

    Dec 2013 — Business Review Weekly (Australia)

    Employees with high levels of trust in their leaders tend to have greater loyalty and higher business performance--this article highlights 7 tips for leaders looking to build trust.

  • Do Your Leaders Know the Importance of Saying Sorry?

    Dec 2013 — Training Zone

    There are implications on employee trust and engagement when leaders don't apologise for their mistakes as revealed by our Leadership Pulse Survey.

  • The Leadership Trust Gap

    Dec 2013 — HRM Asia

    Forum's 2013 Global Leadership Pulse Survey highlighted in a graphic in this HRM Asia December issue.


  • Skills Audits

    Dec 2013 — Australia Human Resources Director

    Forum Asia Pacific MD Cynthia Stuckey discusses Skills Audits within Learning & Development in this HR Director December issue.

  • Trust In Leadership -- Survey and Perspectives from Asia

    Nov 2013 — 938Live--Radio Interview with Cynthia Stuckey on The Breakfast Club in Singapore

    Research shows that employees who have high levels of trust in their leaders tend to have greater loyalty and productivity, but the path to a trusting workplace could be tricky. Hosts Bharati Jagdish and André Ahchak sat down with Cynthia Stuckey to discuss Forum's Global Leadership Pulse Survey, trust in Asian businesses, how trust links to employee engagement and business results, and advice to increase workplace trust.

  • 9 Ways to Win Employee Trust

    Nov 2013 — Inc.

    If your employees trust you, they'll go the proverbial extra mile but if they don't, they'll slack off, according to a recent survey by The Forum Corporation.  Therefore, building trust is the best way to get the most from your employees. Here's how:

  • UK Bosses Rarely Apologise to Employees

    Nov 2013 — HR Review

    Forum's global survey reveals that the lack of apology is affecting levels of trust in employee engagement.

  • Lack of management accountability eroding staff engagement, survey shows

    Nov 2013 — People Management

    Almost 1,000 people globally took part in Forum's 2013 Leadership Pulse Research.  This article looks at the effect of leadership actions on trust and engagement as revealed by the survey.

  • How Bosses Erode Trust - Forum Global Leadership Survey

    Nov 2013 — INSPIRE - Institute of Leadership & Management

    Forum EMEA MD Graham Scrivener discusses the findings of our global leadership survey with the ILM in this article and video.

  • A Simple Apology Increases Trust

    Nov 2013 — Management Issues

    Forum's global survey reveals that saying sorry is not a common practice for managers.

  • Put People First to Implement Strategy Well

    Nov 2013 — The Sunday Telegraph

    Implementing a change initiative swiftly and successfully is not just important for driving your business forward, the results will impact your bottom line.  Our research shows that leaders are successful at driving implementation when they focus on people.

  • If I was...starting my first management position

    Oct 2013 — Financial Times

    Graham Scrivener puts himself in the shoes of someone about to embark on their first management role.

  • 6 Ways to Implement Climate Change in the Workplace

    Oct 2013 — Switch and Shift

    Forum CEO, Andrew Graham, shares 6 ways to keep employees engaged at work.

  • 5 Steps to Create an Innovation-Focused Culture

    Oct 2013 — Training Magazine

    In this piece for Training Journal, Forum CEO, Andrew Graham, shares 5 tips for sustaining behavior change to create an innovation-focused culture.

  • How to Execute an Effective Global Change Programme

    Sep 2013 — TrainingZone

    Without effective execution your global change initiative will fail. Hazel Greatbatch, Head of Delivery at Forum EMEA suggests you should focus on these areas to avoid derailment.

  • Creating Development Abundance for Your Entire Team

    Sep 2013 — ASTD

    In this 4-part series for ASTD, Wendy Axelrod shares why only developing your high potential employees could be a recipe for disaster.

  • How to Manage an International Workforce

    Sep 2013 — Personnel Today

    David Robertson talks about the challenges of managing team members dispersed globally and how to overcome them.

  • How Coaching Impacts Climate

    Aug 2013 — Personnel Zone

    The culture and climate of an organisation are both key to shaping a workplace and influencing the behaviour of a team. But, unlike culture, climate can be changed.  In this article Graham Scrivener, MD Forum EMEA, shares how Managers affect climate.

  • Avoid the Traps of a First-Line Sales Manager

    Aug 2013 — Management Issues

    Graham Scrivener looks at common traps first line sales managers face and how to avoid them.

  • Building a Business Case for Training

    Aug 2013 — Institute of Leadership & Management

    Graham Scrivener, Managing Director of Forum EMEA, shares his tips around making a case for training.

  • Why Measuring the Impact of Training is Absolutely Essential

    Aug 2013 — HR Zone

    You can't build a business case without proving what you're doing is valuable. In this article Forum EMEA MD Graham Scrivener shares what leading organisations do when it comes to measuring the impact of training.

  • The Forum Corp. Named a Top Content Development Company

    Jul 2013 —

    For the third year in a row, Forum was named a Top 20 Content Development Company by  

  • The Importance of Measuring Learning and Development

    Jun 2013 — HR Magazine

    Behaviour change is key to knowing if leadership training and development has been effective. But it's being able to demonstrate and sustain change as well as show that behaviours are having a positive impact on the business that is challenging most HR professionals when it comes to justifying budgets for leadership development programmes.

  • How Does Your Training Impact Your Business?

    Jun 2013 — Training Zone

    Graham Scrivener explores the bigger picture and the business impact of training.

  • How to be a Successful Sales Manager

    Jun 2013 — The Guardian

    Graham Scrivener explores additional skills sales managers need to be successful.

  • A great sales team depends on a strong first-line sales manager

    Jun 2013 — Training Zone

    Graham Scrivener looks at the impact of leadership on successful sales teams.

  • Avoiding the Traps of Bad Management

    May 2013 — Institute of Leadership & Management

    Graham Scrivener, Managing Director of Forum EMEA, looks at how bad first-line managers can negatively impact the business.

  • Workplace Bullying in Asia Pacific

    May 2013 — Channel NewsAsia television interview

    Cynthia Stuckey, Forum Managing Director, Asia Pacific, was interviewed as an expert on workplace culture and employee engagement during AM Live! on Channel NewsAsia. The discussion revolved around “workplace bullying”, in light of a recent incident of abuse involving an IT company in Singapore.

  • Don't Be A Bad Boss

    May 2013 — BIT Business IT (Australia)

    What should line managers coming up through the ranks do to avoid the traps of poor management?

  • Employee Engagement in Asia Pacific

    Apr 2013 — 938Live--Radio Interview with Cynthia Stuckey on The Breakfast Club in Singapore

    The world’s most successful companies have known for years that business results depend on people – on having the right environment in which employees “show up” every day, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. What employers want are people who are energized in their work, instead of simply going through the motions. Can engagement be predicted, what are the various components of employee engagement that relate to individual “needs”, what makes employees less engaged, and finally, what are the implications of these findings for leaders?


  • 7 leadership development trends for a stronger bottom line

    Apr 2013 —

    Business leaders looking for meaningful growth are all about investing in their people to cultivate an engaged workforce, and ultimately, achieve higher sales and a stronger bottom line. In this piece for, we outline the 7 trends we're seeing.

  • Don't Be a Bad Boss


    Graham Scrivener explores how bad managers can negatively impact the business.

  • Lean In won't work for everyone

    Apr 2013 —

    Forum's Maggie Walsh shares her thoughts on the "Lean In" debate started by Sheryl Sandberg's book, "Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead".

  • A Hub To Bank On

    Apr 2013 — The Business Times

    The Business Times asked Cynthia Stuckey and other top business leaders in Singapore about the current state of Singapore as a financial centre and what needs to be done for Singapore maintain its position as a premier financial hub. Her perspective puts human capital management and skill development as key.

  • Leadership Trends in 2013

    Mar 2013 — HR MAGAZINE

    Nearly three quarters of organisations in England reported a deficit of management leadership skills (according to a Dept for Business, Innovation & Skills report). Forum EMEA MD Graham Scrivener shares five big leadership trends for 2013

  • Important Leadership Trends in 2013

    Mar 2013 — TRAINING ZONE

    In this rapidly changing business environment, keeping abreast of important leadership trends will be key to success in 2013. Graham Scrivener ruminates.

  • Enhancing Productivity

    Feb 2013 — The Business Times

    The Business Times asked key leaders in Singapore to share their perspectives on how to best raise productivity in Singapore. Cynthia Stuckey, managing director, Asia Pacific, weighs in.

  • Are You Wired to Be a Good Leader?

    Feb 2013 — US News & World Report

    Andrew Graham, president and CEO of Forum Corp., shares three signs of a good leader.


  • Forum Named a Top Leadership Training Company

    Feb 2013 —

    Forum named a top Leadership Training company by for fourth consecutive year. 


  • Big Boss Boo-Boos: 6 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

    Jan 2013 — US News & World Report

    Forum CEO, Andrew Graham, shares his insights on six common leadership mistakes that are easy to make and how to avoid them.

  • 5 Leadership Trends to Watch in 2013

    Jan 2013 — US News & World Report

    In this piece for US News & World Report, Forum CEO, Andrew Graham, shares his insights on what leadership trends to keep your eye on in 2013.

  • Forum Named Top 10 Sales Training Company By Selling Power

    Nov 2012 —

    In the winter 2012 issue, Selling Power Magazine named Forum one of the Top 10 Sales Training Companies.

  • Three leadership skills businesses can learn from the political campaign

    Nov 2012 —

    Maggie Walsh, Forum VP of Business Development, shares three lessons that business leaders can learn from the recent US presidential campaign.

  • Sustaining behaviour change: Crucial for business

    Oct 2012 —

    Graham Scrivener, MD Forum Europe, Middle East & Africa, tells us how to make the most of our learning events, long after they finish.

  • Three Do's and Don'ts for a Business Rescue Situation

    Aug 2012 —

    Tips for leaders in rescue, or turnaround, situations, using Marissa Mayer's appointment to Yahoo! CEO as an example. 


  • What businesses can learn from the London Olympics: an insider's view

    Aug 2012 — AUGUST 2012 - HRREVIEWCO.UK

    It’s the greatest UK peacetime operation in decades, with over 150,000 daily visitors to the Olympic park and it’s being run by over 72,000 volunteers, so what can the heads of business learn from the greatest feat of leadership; the Olympic Games?

  • The Forum Corp. Names Andrew Graham as President and CEO

    Aug 2012 — Press Release

    BOSTON, Aug. 1, 2012 – The Forum Corp., a premiere learning organization, has named Andrew Graham as its new president and chief executive officer.  


  • Checking in on the US Job Market

    Jul 2012 — WGBH Innovation Hub

    Forum's Melinda Gleason sits on a panel about the skills needed in today's job market. 


  • Caliper and Forum Launch New Initiative to Help Sales Organizations Develop Top-Performers

    Jun 2012 —

    Caliper Corp., an internationally recognized human capital management firm, and The Forum Corporation, a global leader in linking learning to strategic business objectives, today announced a new joint approach to help companies’ sales teams consistently achieve top performance. 



  • Titanic Disasters: When Leadership Goes Wrong

    May 2012 — Edge Magazine (Institute of Leadership and Management)

    The ability to achieve strategic speed – executing strategies and initiatives quickly – is what separates successful companies from competitors who constantly have to play catch-up or fall by the wayside.  The tragic fate of the Titanic 100 years ago holds some important strategic lessons for CEOs who find themselves under pressure to achieve results fast. 

  • Titanic provides training and management lessons for modern business leaders

    Apr 2012 — HR Magazine (UK)

    In this article Graham Scrivener, Managing Director Forum Europe & Middle East discusses the issues raised in Forum's new ebook: Leadership Failures Sink Unsinkable Ship: Business Lessons from the Titanic by Jocelyn Davis.

  • Business Lessons from the Titanic (in 3d)

    Apr 2012 — Harvard Business Review blog

    The leadership lessons from the Titanic discussed and disected on the HBR Blog Network

  • Titanic business lesson: A blind belief in technology can put leadership skills on ice

    Apr 2012 — Boston Globe

    The Boston Globe links to Forum's ebook, linking lessons from Titanic disaster to leadership lessons of today. 


  • Forum Research Cited

    Feb 2012 — Citation in Inside Training

    Buyers are 33% more likely to seek salespeople who provide new ideas on how to succeed in their industry.


  • New Survey Finds That Traditional Relationship Selling Is Outmoded

    Feb 2012 — press release

    Buyers Are 33% More Likely To Seek Salespeople who provide new ideas on how to succeed in their industry; 'Point of View Selling' is the Future of Complex Sales.


  • Forum Named a Top 20 Leadership Training Company

    Jan 2012 — press release

    For the 3rd consecutive year, Forum was named one of the top 20 providers of leadership development training services by, a leading portal for searching and accessing information about the training industry.


  • Forum Corporation Receives Third Top 20 Recognition from

    Jul 2011 — press release

    Forum is the only company to have been named to TrainingIndustry, Inc.'s 2011 Top 20 lists for Leadership Training, Sales Training, and Content Development companies. The recognition was based on multiple criteria including: innovative thought leadership and research, strength of clients, geographic reach, breadth of services and delivery methods offered, industry impact and recognition, and more.

  • Forum Named to Top 20 Content Development Companies for 2011

    Jun 2011 — By

    Forum Corporation has been recognized by as one of the Top 20 Content Development Companies in the training industry. Forum's subject matter expertise, capability to develop a broad set of tailored training programs across many modalities, and geographic reach were just some of the areas of excellence Forum displayed in being selected to this List.

    Forum is also very proud to be the only organization to have been recognized by in their 2011 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies, Sales Training Companies, and Content Development Companies lists.

  • 6 Proven Principles of Workplace Learning

    Apr 2011 — Training Magazine

    These principles can serve as guideposts for designing workplace learning and can accelerate the cultivation of experience.

  • Podcast - CEO Talk Radio - Interview with Jocelyn Davis

    Apr 2011 — CEO Talk Radio

    Professor Robert G. Barnwell interviews the top business thought leaders.  In this podcast, he interviews Forum’s Jocelyn Davis regarding strategy execution. 

  • Achieving Strategic Speed

    Mar 2011 — Chief Executive Magazine

    CEOs share a universal concern called "strategic speed"- executing new strategies more quickly and well. 

    Clarity. Unity. Agility. By mobilizing your employees, you ramp up your execution. Forum's Jocelyn Davis explains how to achieve strategic speed by focusing on people.

  • Forum Named Top 20 Provider of Leadership Development and Sales Training

    Mar 2011 — press release

    Forum has been named by as one of the Top 20 providers of both Leadership Development training and Sales training for 2011. Forum is one of only four companies to be included on both lists. It is also the 2nd consecutive year that Forum has been included on their Top 20 Leadership Development providers list.

  • Forum and Human Capital Institute Announce Webinar Series

    Mar 2011 — press release

    The Human Capital Institute (HCI), the global association for strategic talent management and Forum Corporation announce the "Leadership Practices for the 21st Century" webinar series. The four-part webcast series will explore each of the four leadership practices that create strategic speed. Registration for this free event can be found at

  • Execution, Success, and the Importance of People

    Mar 2011 — American Management Association's MWorld Magazine

    A recent Wall Street Journal study highlighted an increasingly popular organizational response to the unpredictable economy: investment in leadership development- but that headline only tells half the story. Dig beneath it and you'll find that companies don't just lack leaders, they lack leaders with the specific skills needed to implement strategies quickly and well.

  • Forum Selected as one of 2011 Top 20 Sales Training Companies

    Feb 2011 — TrainingIndustry, Inc.

    TrainingIndustry, Inc. today announced Forum as one of its 2011 Top 20 Sales Training Companies. This list recognizes the top sales training companies in our industry providing outstanding service, and a proven track record for delivering superior sales training and improving the impact of the sales organization. frequently reviews, surveys and assesses sales training companies that provide services to the corporate marketplace. Intended to assist buyers of training services, the Top 20 list is designed to support the corporate procurement process by aiding in the evaluation of potential training providers.

  • Sales Negotiation: Prepping to Avoid 4 Classic Pitfalls

    Feb 2011 — Sales & Marketing Management

    Taking action without preparing for a variety of negotiation scenarios often leads to a missed opportunity. Avoid classic mistakes by asking yourself four questions that will go a long way toward being fully prepared for successful negotiations.

  • Forum Named Among 2011 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies

    Jan 2011 — from

    For the 2nd consecutive year Forum Corporation has been named by TrainingIndustry, Inc. as one of the Top 20 Leadership Training Companies.

    The selected 2011 Top Leadership Training Companies were based on demonstrating excellence in many areas, including thought leadership, assessments or research to support programs, strength of clients and audiences served, geographic reach and participants trained, company size and growth potential, and industry recognition, innovation and impact.


  • How to Execute Business Strategy Fast and Well

    Jan 2011 — Small Business Trends

    Strategic Speed offers the right guide for small teams that need to learn how to measure value through the speed in which value is delivered. The key is people, not processes. 

    The people factors that drive speed are clarity (shared understanding of your situation and direction), unity (agreement on working together in the shared direction), and agility (willingness to adapt quickly).

  • Edge Magazine: Quick off the Mark

    Jan 2011 — from The Institute of Leadership and Management

    A review of Strategic Speed.

    "The authors of this book claim that business success is about who can create the most value smarter and faster than their competitors. The evidence is compelling, supported by case studies of such global names as Vodafone, Holiday Inn, and Lehmann Brothers, dissecting each success and failure...The book provides valuable insight and best practice."

    From Edge magazine- the publication of The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

  • The Right Kind of Speed

    Sep 2010 — Interview with MindTools and Jocelyn Davis

    Jocelyn Davis, co-author of Strategic Speed, is interviewed by MindTools (UK) for their Expert Interview Series discussing the importance of speed to business success while not jeopardizing quality and focusing on people as the critical element of true strategic speed. Find out how the ‘right kind of speed’ can help your business do better, faster. Jocelyn outlines the components of "strategic speed," including how to motivate people to speed up success.


  • Forum Issues Leadership Challenges Index

    Sep 2010 — Forum Press Release

    Faced with a still-struggling economy and stalled growth, organizations are increasingly looking to boost performance by developing more and better leaders who can jump-start new strategies, according to the inaugural edition of The Forum Corp.'s Leadership Challenges Index, which ranks learning and development issues of greatest concern to organizational leaders.

  • In Transition: Transitioning executives need to hit the ground running in their new positions

    Sep 2010 — Human Resource Executive Online

    It's vital for transitioning executives to hit the ground running in their new positions, and companies are learning that recognizing their talents early and maintaining communication after the move will help ensure those moves work out.

  • Management Excellence Book Series Podcast: Strategic Speed

    Aug 2010 — interview with Art Petty and Jocelyn Davis

    Every year, a number of the large consulting firms publish surveys outlining the issues that keep global corporate leaders awake at night. Inevitably, the topic turns to strategy and more specifically to the headaches and challenges of executing strategy.

    For those of us that have labored in the corporate world for a couple of decades, it comes as no surprise that translating ideas into programs and projects and then executing these programs accurately and quickly to seize market opportunities is darned difficult.

    It also turns out that we’re not so good at it for a lot of reasons, most of which have to do with people...

  • Accelerating Execution: Three Critical Factors

    Aug 2010 — CPA Trendlines

    If you think you don’t have the time for hand-holding and motivation, then think again. Slowing down to work one-on-one may actually speed up your strategic initiatives.

  • Success in Strategic Speed

    Aug 2010 — The Star BizWeek (Malaysia)

    Speaking to StarBizWeek via video link from Boston recently, Ed Boswell discussed the theories in the new book, Strategic Speed: Mobilize People, Accelerate Execution.

  • Video interview: Strategic Speed

    Jul 2010 — UK

    Strategic Speed co-author and Forum EVP of R&D Jocelyn Davis discusses our latest book with Stuart Crainer of in London, UK.

  • Three Traps That Slow Down Strategy

    Jul 2010 — BNet UK

    The surprising truth is that you achieve strategic speed by focusing on people. Many executives recoil from dealing with people issues because they equate them with slowing down, with having to wade through a morass of human emotions, questions, quirks, and complaints.

    But skilful mobilisation of people is actually a key differentiator between slower and faster organisations.

  • Put People First to Implement Strategies Well

    Jul 2010 — Associations Now

    For organizations to succeed, they need to be faster and smarter than their competition. However, success won't happen with only the most streamlined processes and a ton of resources. What's required to implement strategy quickly and well is making your people the main component.

  • 'People Factors' Key to Success

    Jun 2010 — The Arizona Republic

    Ed Boswell, co-author of "Strategic Speed: Mobilize People, Accelerate Execution" (Harvard Business Press, 2010), met with The Arizona Republic to discuss how entrepreneurs can successfully and speedily implement business strategies.

  • “Faster” Companies Widen Revenue and Profit Gap Over Slower Counterparts Through Focus on People

    Jun 2010 — Forum Press Release

    Nine out of 10 organizational leaders believe speed is critical to business success but only 4 out of 10 believe they are faster than their competition, creating a gap that faster organizations are exploiting to achieve greater profit and sales growth, according to the authors of Strategic Speed: Mobilize People, Accelerate Execution (Harvard Business Press).

  • Three Keys to Making Behavior Changes Stick

    May 2010 — CLO Magazine- Executive Briefings newsletter

    Done right, investing in sustainable learning enables workers to close the knowing vs. doing gap. For sustainment to work, however, a real shift in thinking is required. For sustainment plans to be successful, they need to fit with the learning environment, the nature of the work, and the work styles and capabilities of the target audience.

  • Executing With Strategic Speed

    May 2010 — Harvard Business Publishing video interview

    Ed Boswell explains why you need to slow down to speed up. He is the co-author of Strategic Speed: Mobilize People, Accelerate Execution.

  • Need Speed? Slow Down

    Apr 2010 — Harvard Business Review- May 2010

    Ultimately, strategic speed is a function of leadership. Teams that become comfortable taking time to get things right, rather than plow ahead full bore, are more successful in meeting their business objectives.

  • 4 'Musts' That Turn First-Time Buyers Into Repeat Customers

    Apr 2010 — Sales & Marketing Business Brief

    What does it take to turn first-time buyers into repeat customers? A study by The Forum Corp. identified four key dimensions of service most important to first-time buyers.

  • Learning at Top Speed

    Jan 2010 — CLO Magazine- January 2010

    Given the pace of global competition, it’s not surprising that most business executives are worried that their companies are moving too slowly to keep a competitive edge. In a recent global survey of senior business leaders, The Forum Corp. found that 90 percent of respondents considered speed critical to their business success, but only 42 percent thought they were much faster than others in their industry.

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