Throughout our history, we have published thought provoking books that help business leaders apply proven ideas to new challenges. These titles have stood the test of time, and remain valuable references in navigating the continual changes that shapes our global economy.

Featured Title
Strategic Speed: Mobilize People. Accelerate Execution

(Harvard Business Press, 2010)

It’s a fact: success in business goes to the swift. It’s about who can create the most value smarter and faster than the competition. Yet the majority of strategic initiatives fail to implement successfully and on time even with streamlined processes in place, detailed graphs to chart your course, and plenty of resources on hand to get the job done. Why?

“Where urgency meets execution.”

Walt Macnee, President,

International Markets,

MasterCard Worldwide

Principles of Learning: A Guidebook for Advancing Performance in Today's Workplace (2010)


Principles of Workplace Learning provides a new approach to learning and development with specific step by step details on how to improve the effectiveness of learning in today’s organization. Based on deep research into 21st century workplace learning, this book reveals not only new research data and case studies, but many of the best practices we use with clients to help them cohesively integrate learning into everyday work, and drive business results through learning.

The Customer Driven Company: Moving From Talk to Action (1993)


The Customer Driven Company remains the bible of customer service. This acclaimed book distills decades of experience helping such companies as Xerox, Westinghouse, American Express, and Fidelity Investments, and provides the most thoroughly researched and practical information ever available on customer service.

Managing the Customer Experience: Turning Customers into Advocates (2002)


You need loyal customers, not just satisfied ones. Managing the Customer Experience: Turn Customers Into Advocates shows you how to manage your customer experience and reap the rewards.

Uncommon Practice: People Who Deliver A Great Brand Experience (2002)


Uncommon Practice: People Who Deliver A Great Brand Experience demonstrates, through interviews with key executives from leading companies, how they provide remarkable experiences for their customers and staff alike. This success stems from their distinctive cultures uniquely developed to meet the needs of customers. The companies featured have defied conventional wisdom and broken the traditional rules of management to engender exceptional levels of commitment from their people, who, united behind a clear brand vision, translate their belief in the company into exceptional customer service.

Running Training Like a Business (1999)


Here is a tried and tested model showing how training organizations can do more with less and deliver more tangible business value for each training dollar. This book shows how training organizations can revamp and develop new standards for measuring performance.

Customer Centered Growth: Five Proven Strategies for Building Competitive Advantage (1997)


Customer Centered Growth explains how businesses can use a customer oriented approach that can dramatically enhance profits and corporate success, offering five effective strategies, as well as fifteen assessment and planning tools, for enhancing a company’s competitive abilities.

Research & Tools

Our research not only serves as the basis for our business focused learning solutions, it also results in practical tools and assessments to help guide our clients in aligning people and strategies.

The Smartest Investment You Can Make: Develop Your First Line Leaders


First Line Essentials, First Line Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Workshop

Creating a Culture of Engagement and Accountability


accountability, development, engagement, leadership, survey, training, whitepaper

How Great Leaders Drive Results through Employee Engagement


climate, employee engagement, engagement needs, leadership, trust, workplace learning

Driving Business Results by Building Trust


Leadership Development, leadership mistakes, Leadership Trends, Leadership trust gap

7 Leadership Development Trends


Employee Engagement, First Line Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Trends

How Can Leaders Increase Employee Engagement?


Employee Engagement, Engagement, First Line Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Strategy

Coaching According to Marshall: How Dr. Goldsmith Helps Leaders Excel at the Top

Topics: Leadership, Leadership Development, Behavior Change,

Leading in the Hurricane: Three Ways to Get Yourself and Your Team into the Eye of the Storm


Leadership Changes, Leadership Development, Leadership Risks, Leadership Trends, Managing Change, Strategic Leadership

Align Your Business and Leadership Strategies: Build a Pipeline of Leadership Talent to Execute Strategy


Business Strategy, Development, Leadership Development, Leadership Pipeline, Leadership Talent, Organizational Effectiveness

Leading Remote Teams is Virtually the Same


Collaboration, Leadership Development, Leadership Practices, Remote Leadership, Technology, Virtual Teams

Leading Change: The Pivotal Role of Mid-Level Leader Fitness


Effective Leadership, Leading Change, Leadership Change, Collaboration, Global Leadership,

Developing Leadership Bench Strength Assessment


Leadership Assessment, Leadership Pipeline, Leadership Strategy, Leadership Talent, Measuring Leadership, Successful Leadership

Managerial Fitness: Making First-Level Leaders Great


First-Level Leaders, Leadership Talent, Leadership Development, Effective Leadership, Leadership Strategy

Leading Across Boundaries


Adaptability, Collaboration, Global Leadership, Globalization, Growth Strategy, Talent Management

The Challenge of Change


Adaptability, Challenges, Culture Change, Effective Leadership, Leadership Change, Risk

One Size Doesn't Fit All: The Distinct Leadership Capabilities for Organic, Alliance, and M&A Growth


Capabilities, Challenges, Collaboration, Customer Management, Leadership Capabilities, Profitable Growth

7 Sales Force Development Trends


sales, sales effectiveness, sales force development

Executive Summary: 6 Essentials for Sales Force Success


Sales, Sales Force Effectiveness, Selling

Six Essentials for Sales Force Success


Sales, Sales Leadership, Selling higher, Senior Level Selling

How to Engage Senior-Level Decision Makers: Point of View Selling


POV Selling, Sales, Sales Leadership, Selling higher, Senior Level Selling

Point of View Selling: Using thought leadership to sell to senior executives


Sales, Sales Leadership, Selling, Selling higher

Cold Calling is Stone Cold Dead


Customer Experience, Customer Intelligence, Employee development, Sales Development, Sales Strategy, Social Media

Leading Your Sales Organization Through a Tough Economy


Climate, Company Culture, Employee motivation, Leadership Strategy, Recession, Sales Strategy

How Customers View Cross-Selling


Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Customer Service, Customer Value, Sales Strategy, Sales Training

Strategic Account Management: Move Upstream to Eliminate Competition


Account Management, Client Strategy, Management Support, Sales Effectiveness, Selling, Technology

Secrets of the Most Successful Sales Managers


Employee Motivation, Positive Employee Relationship, Sales Leadership, Sales Opportunity, Sales Strategy

Managing the Dilemma Between Transaction and Relationship Selling


Customer Relationships, Long-Term Selling, Management, Pitfalls, Sales Strategy, Short-Term Selling

How Sales Forces Sustain Competitive Advantage


Competitive Advantage, Customer Intelligence, Customer Loyalty, Sales Development, Salesforce Capabilities

Sales Force Effectiveness: A Street Level View


Capabilities, Customer Relationships, Customer Strategy, Customer Value, Sales Management, Sales Strategy

Navigating the Sales Funnel: Understanding How Customers Buy


Capabilities, Customer Relationships, Customer Value, Sales Development, Sales Strategy, Selling Techniques

The Downturn's Upside: Creating a Recession Proof Sales Strategy


Employee Motivation, Growth Strategy, Recession, Risks, Sales development, Sales Strategy

Tame Chaos with Consistency: The Superior Customer Experience


Assessment, Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction, Customer-Centric, Leadership training, sales development

Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Service: The Customer Service Assessment


Customer Assessment, Customer Behavior, Customer Expectations, Customer experience, Customer Satisfaction, Service-Curve Assessment

Is BCE Just for B2C?


Branded Customer Experience, Business Strategy, Business to Business, Business to Customer, Strategy Execution, Success factors

Customer Experience Implementation Assessment


Acquisition, Assessment, Customer Experience, Customer Strategy, Retention, Unique Experience

The Customer Experience: People Make the Difference


Customer Experience, Leadership Development, Leadership Effectiveness, Organizational Alignment, Performance Climate, Sales Training

Designed for Speed: Changing Your Business Processes from Drags to Drivers


Accelerate Efficiency, Employee Proficiency, Productivity, Quality Improvement, Strategic Speed, Strategy Development

It's Not What's In or Outside the Box, It's What's on the Line


Employee Collaboration, Managing Employees, Strategic Leadership, Strategy Development, Strategy Execution, Strategy Measurement

Achieving Strategic Speed


Employee Leadership, Leadership Capabilities, Organizational Efficiency, Positive Climate, Strategy Execution

The Behavior Change Handbook


behavior change, behavior change, workplace learning

Change the Behavior, Change the Business


behavior change, behavior change, sustain learning, workplace learning

Forum’s Principles of Learning: Advancing Performance in Today’s Workplace Research


Company Culture, Employee Motivation, Learning and Development, Learning Experiences, Organizational Effectiveness, Workplace Learning

Learning 2.0: Exploring Your Options and Choosing Solutions That Get Results


Development, Digital Fluency, e-Learning, Learning, Technology, Technology-Based Learning

Behavior Changes That Stick


Behavior Changes, Employee Development, Environment Assessment, Leadership Development, Learning, Sustainability

Media Coverage

Read the latest global press coverage, commentary and interviews with our experts and our clients.

2016 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies

Jan 2016

We have been named to’s 2016 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List. This marks the 7th year in the row that Forum has made the list.

What to Do When You Make a Huge Mistake at Work

Jan 2016 Fortune Insiders

You’ve made a huge mistake at work, what do you do next? Hear from Russ Becker as he looks back on a time he made a mistake and shares his key learnings from that experience.

Salary and Security Most Important to Gen Z - Just don't Tell Them What to Do!

March 2016 HR Director

According to new research, “Not being told what to do,” salary, flexible working and regular training and development, are just some of the things that are important to the next wave of workers now entering the workforce – the Generation Zs (also known as ‘iGens’ or ‘post-millennials’).

How to Build a Robust Pipeline of Talent

March 2016 Training Zone

A study by RHR International, a global firm of management psychologists and consultants, revealed that more than 50% of surveyed companies anticipated a loss of over half of their current senior leaders within just five years.

Becoming a Leader for the First Time

April 2016 The Business Journal has announced its Top 20 Content Development Companies list, as part of its mission to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies.

Investing in Long-Term Training can Boost Business Growth

April 2016 Training Journal

How do you train your employees? Effective training and leadership development is key to the performance and success of thousands of corporate companies around the world, impacting both short- and long-term operations.

You Can't Be a Great Leader Without This

April 2016 Fortune Insiders

Effective leadership requires a combination of several different qualities. However, if I had to name just one that really sets the foundation, I would say that strength-based management is key.

Five Ways for Women to Avoid Vanilla Leader Syndrome

May 2016 Association for Talent Development

Ambitious leaders, especially women leaders can sand off their sharp edges so dutifully that they end up becoming stellar at being indistinct, of being “vanilla.” Ultimately, these leaders have lost what makes them special and recognizable among all the flavors in the freezer.

Four Ways to Increase the Impact of Sales Coaching

May 2016

Everybody needs a coach – from the newly hired sales associates all the way up to the top sellers. For companies to succeed, their sales teams need to be at the top of their game, and that means getting the training and guidance they need. Announces the 2016 Top 20 Content Development Companies List

May 2016 has announced its Top 20 Content Development Companies list, as part of its mission to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies.

Skills that the Next Generation of Business Leaders Need

September 2016 The Business Times

Employees looking to climb the corporate ladder often have this mistaken notion that performing tasks well is all it takes to get to the next rung. But the reality is that technical competency does not make you the best candidate to get promoted and manage a team.