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Developing Effective First-Line Leaders

First-line leaders are the largest and arguably most important group in any organization, directly supervising 80% of employees.

How Forum Helps

First-line managers are often promoted to their position due to proficiency at a technical skill. Our program develops these managers to be the drivers and communicators of strategy within their organization.

Developing first-line leaders allows them to:

  • Think like a leader
  • Engage people
  • Coach your team
  • Get results through others


The First-Line Leadership kit

  • Infographic: The Traps of First-line Leaders
  • White Paper: The Smartest Investment You Can Make: Develop Your First-Line Leaders
  • Webinar: 4 Keys to Effective First-Line Leadership
  • Research: How can Leaders Increase Employee Engagement
  • Fact Sheet: First-Line Essentials

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