Achieve Performance Through Our 3 Areas of Expertise.

Leadership Performance

Great leaders can have a profound impact on the commercial performance of an organization and on the employee experience, leading to sustainable business success.

How We Help You

Our solutions are developed by design. We provide our clients with practical and research-based solutions and programs that mobilize employees, accelerate business-initiative implementation, improve agility, and drive measurable performance at every level of your organization.


Our Clients:

We serve clients around the world and across all industries. The challenges and opportunities of our clients are as unique as the solutions we design. There is one constant, however: results. Whatever the objective — increased operating income, revenue growth, customer loyalty — we help our clients mobilize people to achieve business objectives fast and more effectively.  The result, improved performance.

Our philosophy centers on the crucial role people play in driving business growth, organizational change, and performance excellence. We hold ourselves accountable for quantifying and maximizing the impact learning can have on leaders and their organizations.

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The Strategic Leadership Development Kit

Sales Performance

We help align your sales organization to your strategy, and equip your salespeople and their leaders with skills to execute against it.

How We Help Improve Performance

We examine clients’ sales strategy, climate, skills, and processes, and recommend improvements. Our sales performance solutions engage and develop the entire sales organization.


The Result:

  • Faster sales cycles
  • Greater average deal size
  • Increased annual revenue
  • Improved sales team attainment of quota

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The Strategic Selling Kit

How Do You Measure Great Leaders?

Through 30 years of studying leadership performance, we have discovered measurable attributes predictive of success.

Talent Assessment
& Analytics

We quantify the aptitude (talent) and capability (skill) of your leaders, helping you to measurably improve performance.


With Talent Assessment & Analytics, Clients Can:

  • Identify High-Potentials well before they are on the radar of top leaders, intentionally investing in their retention and development
  • Maximizing growth by creating individualized development platforms
  • Make the connections between employee characteristics, workplace development and business outcome

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The Talent Assessment & Analytics Kit

Performance by Design

Our approach calibrates our offerings to the unique culture, demands and objectives of each organization.

How We Optimize Your Investment

Proven Approach to Achieving Measurable Results


  • Document outcomes and target future performance improvements with Executive Summits and evidence-based analysis of performance and opportunity gaps with surveys, focus groups and interviews
  • Upon completion of program, evaluate outcomes to define priorities and plans for continuous improvement
  • Integrate client human capital analytics with data created by development solutions to set the agenda


  • Identify High Performance practices with surveys, focus groups and interviews
  • Develop or map competencies that support achievement of high performance
  • Execute design summits with SME’s to build solutions
  • Build and socialize the plan to close documented performance and/or opportunity gaps and evaluate impact


  • Motivational, interpersonal, and problem solving factors that measurably predict high performance with assessment tools
  • Technical and professional “know how” needed to achieve high performance


  • Reinforce the implementation of the skill application plan with mobile sustainment tool, Q@ Work
  • Accelerate mastery of new skills with Reconnects and Board of Advisors, and Communities of Practice and Micro surveys
  • Coaching


  • Apply proven techniques, methodologies and best practices from one industry and apply it to others
  • Anticipate the specific needs of our clients
  • Help clients address the inevitable shifts in their industries and the global economy

Learning Impact Kit