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Sustain Behavior Change with Speed to Mastery

May 30th, 2012 by The Forum Corporation
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Last year I went to a great conference full of experiences and information that related directly to what I do every day. In fact, there was so much information, I left in a bit of a trance … a bit like after a five-course meal … feeling replete with information but not sure what to do with it.

Fast forward to now. Here I sit, wondering where in the world I put my notes on that great presentation that I really would like to reference in some work I have to do TODAY. What happened? Where did all of that great learning go?

Sound familiar?

After spending 20-plus years in the corporate learning environment, I can say with great assurance that getting people to actually DO something with that five-course meal we serve in our training programs is the topic of more than 80 percent of my conversations. The reality is, we can provide learning experiences, corporate mandates, and even build elegant corporate universities—but cracking the nut of SUSTAINING the learning is the gold ring, the nirvana of L&D.

What does it take to sustain learning? In Principles of Workplace Learning, we explored the six things that drive behavior change:

Those of us who create learning solutions use these principles to craft experiences that BEGIN the learning journey in primarily formal settings. But the gold ring is not here—it can only be found when the learning is actually integrated into the work and, hey, we can’t force people to do that.

Or can we?

Imagine that I left that conference last year with all of that information and the INTENT to actually master the techniques taught in one of the sessions. Rather than walking out in a trance and back into the real world all alone, I might have noticed WHAT I was walking out with:

  • A community of others in the session who also were seeking to master the techniques
  • A set of relevant and prescriptive challenges that integrated the techniques into MY work
  • Tools and concepts available at the click of a button
  • A way to share my experiences and progress with the community and others in my organization

Today, rather than hunting around my bookshelf to find that set of notes I took 5 months ago, I might instead be able to recall quickly the experience of applying a technique to my work as part of a challenge and go immediately to some tools on the web to see what others have done and access reference material. A fantasy? No—Speed to Mastery!

Speed to Mastery™ is a web-based application we have created to drive application and sustainment of core attitudes, skills, and behaviors taught in Forum training programs.

Speed to Mastery:

  • Bridges learning to the work through directed application activities
  • Provides a controlled way to drive informal learning
  • Enables performance at the moment that matters
  • Provides insurance on your investment

Take your tour of Speed to Mastery here.

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