Combined Greatness

How We Solve Your Business Challenges

We partner with clients to design comprehensive training solutions to close skill gaps, change behaviors and improve business performance.


Leadership Performance

Maximize the impact leaders have within your organization


Sales Performance

Gain a competitive edge with an aligned, differentiated global salesforce


Talent Assessment & Analytics

Assess and analyze the measurable attributes predictive of success

Proven Approach to Achieving Measurable Results

Our solutions are delivered by design, built on sound research and intentionally aligned to improve client outcomes. To ensure the best outcome and fit with each customer, we use a proven formula for success. For more information, click here.


Key Performance Indicator - 97% rated our programs
as aligning with their business objectives and driving performance

How We Work With You

 No single classroom event is going to get you the results you seek. It’s how you construct and tailor the whole learning solution that creates something great and accelerates results at every level of your organization.

Gain deep insights the business strategies and desired outcomes, ensuring alignment of our approach to key objectives and metrics for measuring results

Combine our expertise individual and organizational behavior to integrate and align learning solutions with processes and systems

Create a communications strategy to enhance internal support and buy-in for the change program, as well as to aid in the sustainment of ongoing improvement

Perform deep, upfront assessments to help understand the readiness of leaders and organizations to implement change


Take advantage of our extensive library to quickly tailor and calibrate our proven solutions to the unique needs and objectives of the organization

Deploy solutions in classrooms and virtual classrooms, and via technology-based methodologies to ensure the right experience for the learners

Support the learning with methodologies to accelerate application of new skills and behaviors on the job to ensure that insights are meaningful and lasting

Use analytics to understand the outcomes and refine the ongoing behavior change program to ensure future success

A High Performing Workforce
is a Huge Market Advantage

Promote High Performance by appealing to core engagement needs.


Lower Turnover




Higher Profitability




Lower Absenteeism


Higher Productivity




Our Client Success Stories

Our clients outperform at every level of their organization.  As a result, they achieve their business objectives faster and more effectively.

About Us

We help leaders at every level of your organization execute innovative, people-driven solutions that accelerate business growth, corporate change and overall performance.

People Around Blackboard With Global Success
Our History

Since OUR inception in 1971, we have focused on one of the most critical elements behind any corporate strategic initiative’s success: The people factor. Our five founders – three of whom had been classmates together at Harvard Business School – set out to assess and analyze the important role learning plays within organizations and the impact individual and group behavior has on effectively achieving high performance.

Global High Performance

We have a presence around the world with our regional offices shown below. We deliver training in 52 countries in 14 languages with teams throughout each of the regions. Contact us via the phone numbers below or click the “Contact Us” to use our convenient online form.


North America

+1 (617) 523-7300


Asia Pacific

Singapore: 65 3158 9550
Australia: 61 2 8999 9170



44 (0) 20 3743 2950

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Our research-based insights keep our clients out ahead of their markets, competitors,and customers.

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